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Ouroboros is the common name of a group of territories on Aurora, which are collectively protected by an array of energy shields. The shields provide a safe land area of approximately 670,000 kilometres squared. Ouroboros is named for the company Ouroboros Cor, which owns the majority of the land and leases it to various other organizations and corporations. Ouroboros Cor comprises the main governmental authority of Ouroboros as a whole, however individual districts owned by separate companies have their own laws which can be distinct from the global law policy.


Ourboros contains a high number of individual cities that have grown into each other, forming a massive metropolis. They are divided into soft-bordered districts according to ownership by corporations, organizations, and other entities. Some borders are signified with boundary markings and signage, while other districts are separated by wall structures, ports, and transit facilities which are more controlled than other borders. Districts may be open to the air, or surrounded by artificial ecosystems to control climate, weather, and artificially simulate sky.

Northern Wastes

The northernmost areas of Ouroboros territories are owned and controlled solely by Ouroboros Cor itself. They are host to various facilities, labs, and test fields. The most notable area in the Northern Wastes is arguably the Think Tank, Ouroboros Cor's main research facility and lab space. The location of the Think Tank is a technical secret, but Ouroboros Cor often contracts other companies to participate in the top secret research that is performed there.

Botanical Rainforest and Nano-T Industrial

More information can be found at Botanical Rainforest and Nano-T Industrial Zone

The Botanical Rainforest and Nano-T Industrial districts are among some of the largest territory owned by an individual company. Originally a massive garbage pit, the land was reclaimed by Nano T and terraformed into an urban rainforest with integrated residential and commercial facilities. Considered the lovechild of Tiberius Hexter, it represents a massive effort to reconstruct nature and bring beauty to Aurora. Part of the land is also dedicated to the Nano-T Industrial Zone, which is host to mass fabricators, research facilities, server farms, and dedicated offices.