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Sasha Auberon is a genetically engineered ferret created by Heiko Auberon during his employment by Suelox and Ouroboros Cor. He is a freelance investigator most well known for his role in exposing Suelox Medical's conspiratorial attempt to create a genetically engineered mass police force.

Sasha has been involved in various high profile events, either hired to investigate or taking it upon himself to act. He often recedes from the spotlight when it shines, but gained public notoriety due to the direct parts he played in both the Suelox Gene Army Conspiracy and the Helix Server Farm Attacks.

Sasha was created with the resources and equipment of the Think Tank by his father. Most of his genetic material is a direct copy of Heiko's DNA, but with massive adjustments and additions to enhance and otherwise customize Sasha's physical and cognitive abilities, as well as his appearance. Over time many of his body parts have been replaced with cybernetic equivalents making him a cyborg.

He spent most of his childhood in the Graves Institution for Modified Youths, after being separated from his father by the authorities.


Early Life

Think Tank

Sasha Auberon began life inside an unused section of the Think Tank. His father, or creator and gene donor was genetic designer Heiko Auberon. With the aid of like-minded colleagues, Heiko hid Sasha's development from Think Tank management, designing Sasha over the course of two years, then grew him in an AI Era organism printer. Sasha was artificially aged to two biological years and then neuro-uploaded with basic information before being released from his cloning tank. Heiko kept Sasha in the unused section of the Think Tank for five years, educating him and imparting his ideological and moral philosophies onto Sasha. Sasha could not remain in the Think Tank forever however, and Heiko attempted to relocate Sasha to a civilian district. Due to pressures on colleagues and suspicion by upper management, Sasha was discovered and separated from his father, who stood trial and was sent to prison, as well as lost custody of Sasha.

Graves Institution

Sasha was released into the custody of the Graves Institution, a home and educational complex for genetically modified children and young adults. Sasha had difficulty adjusting to life at Graves in the beginning and constantly sought contact with his father. After his initial orientation, Sasha began to form a connection with Cerena Merriv, a lead caregiver and dormitory psychological expert. Due to Sasha's cognitive enhancements, staff had difficulty controlling Sasha. He was psychologically aware of what was going on, but emotionally unprepared for the pain of losing his father. He could not relate to most of the children his age either, creating an additional social struggle. Cerena decided to introduce Sasha to Dwyn Graves, another problem child with significant enhancements, who also had trouble forming bonds with the other children. The pair bonded over strategic board games and quickly grew attached, which made it easier to learn socialization and make friends with the other children.

Sasha accepted over time that he would no longer be raised by his father and settled into life at the institution. Sasha required constant stimulation in order to prevent boredom and was placed into an advanced educational program alongside his friend Dwyn and other children in the facility. He was a challenging individual to take care of, especially in part of genetics that predisposed him to a naturally oppositional personality. His natural inclination toward questioning authority, tradition, and a strong sense of justice led Sasha to many misplaced grievances and incidences when he had no focus to which he was to be opposed. Despite becoming well integrated with other people his age, he couldn't help but to see his caretakers and teachers as antithetical to his goals, which amplified any sort of disagreement and created strong resentment in hierarchical structures.

Sasha combated his natural personality flaws with self directed learning, leaning on friends, and intense exercise routines. Sasha required ample exercise due to his enhanced physiology and spent a large amount of his free time in the Institution's fitness facilities and gymnasiums. He became adept at free-running, climbing, and also learned self defence techniques as extra curricular activities.

Sasha's mood became more balanced, as he grew into adolescence. His interests turned toward playing music and creating art, including painting, 3D modelling, clothing design, and poetry. He spent a lot of time in VR environments with friends in the institution and worked with them to create a personal LAN of VR spaces for use in the facilities. Sasha's academic focus narrowed into computer sciences, sociology, and engineering of a few types (with major focus being on computer sciences.) He later became embroiled in ideological theories purported by his fellow residents, becoming highly interested in the rights and conditions to which the genetically modified and engineered were subject. Learning that he would never be allowed to bare children, nor be able to work in various public service and political positions put a considerable strain on Sasha. He also learned he was barred from various competitive sports and games. Sasha learned during outings first hand that he was also subject to certain types of discrimination and prejudice. While many of his classmates and fellows decided to follow placements by the Institution, which offered guaranteed work and academic positions, Sasha could not stand the idea of abiding by the status quo.

Sasha, along with his friends Dwyn, Cameron, Kerrigan, and Territh, formed their own branch of the gene rights group GENETIC from within the Institution. Sasha became increasingly frustrated with the hierarchical nature of GENETIC over time, however, and along with Dwyn decided to abandon the pursuit. With his hopes and ambition doused by disillusionment, Sasha abandoned the Institution and fled into Ouroboros City to pursue his own life outside the confines of the track the Graves Institute set out for him, and away from an organization he saw as ineffective and symbolic. He left the Institute at the biological age of 17, cutting off all contact with staff members and most of his fellow gene-mods, save for Dwyn, Cameron, Kerrigan, and Territh.

Life in VR

After leaving the Institution Sasha found his livelihood in creating virtual artwork. Initially he lived in community housing and used public computers to sell his skills as commission work. He spent most of his time at cyber cafes scripting and designing virtual environments, as well as creating objects and systems for virtual reality. Sometime after Sasha became 18 years of age, he gained access to more adult locations on the metaverse and internet. Through chatrooms and community forums, he came into contact with Halfield Becker, and experienced VR and cyber-security freelancer. Halfield took interest in Sasha and acted as a sort of mentor for the young creator, helping him learn advanced programming, systems penetrations, and exploits within virtual reality environments. Sasha eventually developed a personal relationship with Halfield, who encouraged him to use full immersion virtual reality for his work, and eventually supplied private housing and computer equipment for Sasha. Sasha and Halfield lived together for two years, working together as freelance information thieves under Halfield's licensing, programming complex VR environments and objects, and eventually became intimate with each other. Within time, Sasha began to understand Halfield as manipulative and dangerous, spurring him to separate from the freelance hacker, after he realized they were using the neural interface technology to slowly manipulate his personality.

At the age of 20, in the dead of night Sasha escaped once again into Ouroboros and purchased his own VR capable living space. Sasha receded into virtual reality for some time, opting to use time dilation enabled servers to spend exorbitant amounts of time in computer space. He became obsessed with developing environments and participating in fully immersive role playing fantasy simulations, becoming the main contributor to an entire virtual fantasy planet as an extreme method of escapism. Sometime after Sasha's 21st birthday, Sasha visited his father in prison and came to realize he was wasting his life pursuing meaningless avenues of productivity, after a long discussion about what he was doing now that he was an adult. Sasha cancelled his apartment rent and abandoned his virtual responsibilities.


Sasha is a designer organism and, as such, has a unique physiology designed by another person. His base species is the same as his father, a ferret, as his father's genome was used as the base for all modifications.

General list of enhancements and mods
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Enhanced musculature, bone, and tissue structures
  • Enhanced cardiovascular system
  • Enhanced cognitive structures
  • Enhanced senses and sensory processing
  • Designer synesthesia
  • Altered fur and eye colour
  • Jagged horns

Altogether Sasha's enhancements give him increased strength, durability, and faster more effective healing. Sasha's cognitive enhancements range from alterations in analytical processing, to creative potential, even the ability to thread and maintain multiple thought streams at once. Some substances can further enhance, or change the ways that Sasha thinks. Caffeine may be ingested by Sasha in order to force hyper focus states for instance. Some of Sasha's modifications are purely cosmetic, such as the violet colour of his eyes, the dark blue of his darker fur patches, and his horns.

As a consequence of Sasha's enhanced biology, he requires more to eat than the average person, though his enhanced metabolic functions do a great deal to offset an increased need for nourishment. Some substances have adverse effects with Sasha's biology, with nicotine being more addictive for its metabolic and mood altering effects.

Sasha's synesthesia is designed to connect sounds, colours, shapes, emotions, and words in fluid ways with the purpose of giving him more grasping points to compare information and find patterns.

Psychological Compatibility with Euclid Series

Sasha was designed to psychologically interface and engage with the Euclid Scientist Series by Heiko Auberon. Sasha's emotional and physical makeup includes instinctual programming which allows him to form a kin bond with the Euclid Series designer clones in the same way that they can bond with each other. In particular, Sasha is also capable of forming a pair bond with un-bonded Euclid clones. Programmed with the same system of psychological, body language, and pheromone signals as the Euclid clones, he is genetically predisposed to seeing them as family, and forms an extremely strong bond with Euclid Prime, despite Prime having formed a bond earlier in his life with the late Asimov.

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Heiko's intentions for Sasha included being part of the Euclid 'family,' and thus reasoned that he could benefit from the feeling of kinship with his other creations. This proved to be a good decision on Heiko's part, despite a negative response by several of the clones, Prime, and Sasha himself.